Roe Island Oileán Ruadh "Red Island"

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Grid: J5460, J5461

This island is NOT open to the public (privately-owned). It is dominated by species-poor grassland but the steeper slopes have some very rich Knapweed-dominated grassland (MG1e Arrhenatherum elatius grassland Centaurea nigra sub-community). It is grazed by sheep and geese.

Notable species


August 2022 Looking West from the North-Western slope, over rich MG1e grassland. It is dominated by Knapweed (Centaurea nigra).

September 2022 An Eyebright species, Euphrasia nemorosa, is very abundant in parts of the island. It was not found anywhere else during the survey. Around half of the population lacks the yellow pigment in the flowers, an unusual mutation.

August 2022 A white form of Red Bartsia (Odontites vernus) is about as common as the normal pink form on the island. This species was common on many of the islands, and this white form was found on several others.

August 2022 Typical habitat for Red Bartsia and Eyebright on Roe, an animal trail in a medium-tall sward providing light to an area that isn't too heavily grazed.

August 2022 A population of the uncommon Lepidium heterophyllum occurs on the dry, open Western slope of the island.