Inisharoan Inis an Róin "Seal Island"

Grid: J5461

Open to the public (NT).

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This island is owned by the National Trust. Before 2016 there were 28 botanical records, with the last record in 1998. More recently I have recorded here.

The island is grazed by barnacle geese and sheep (I wonder if there are cattle too?). The geese produce a lot of guano, so the grassland is quite weird, with high-NPK but not really "improved" in the normal sense. The closest analogue is maybe a semi-improved pasture.


March 2022 A view eastwards from the hill. Note the Barnacle Geese flying in the top left.

March 2022 Me in a kayak at low tide. There are some nice kelp beds round here, and there's lots to see if you go when the water's low.

March 2022 A Breadcrumb Sponge (Halichondria panicea) at low tide.

March 2022 The pond. There are some water plants, including Duckweed and Water Starwort.

March 2022 The blackthorn scrub here has some woodland plants like Ground Ivy and Tutsan.

March 2022 We found wool, so presumably the island is grazed by sheep for part of the year.